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Peter Moss

pM6 Ref PM6 – 42 cm red dish.  £250
A deep thrown red clay earthenware dish with red earthenware glaze fired to 1080 degrees centigrade. The precious metal lustre on-glaze decoration has been multi-fired to achieve the final rich geometric design.

PM3 Ref PM3 – Flat Faced Vase. £400
A slabbed construction, double-glazed with earthenware glazes, with banded and overlaid decoration in enamels and precious metal lustres. 52cm high x 43cm wide x 12cm deep.

PM4 Ref PM4 – Red Vase on Stems. £470
Slab built earthenware form with red earthenware glaze and complex patterns created with precious metal lustre decoration. 44cm high x 38cm wide x 9cm deep.


Ref PM7 – EGYPTO Figure. 60cm high. £250
Following several visits to museums and Egypt itself I created a series of ceramic figures. These earthenware sculptures are multi-glazed with the addition of metallic lustres and on-glaze enamel decoration. Reference has been made to Pharonic details including a headdress, amulets, a starched skirt and other architectural features. 60cm high x 30cm wide x 16cm deep.

Ref PM8 – TOTEM64cm high. £200
A multi-fired ceramic construction in earthenware clay and glazes with a series of on-glaze decorative enamel images representing simple mathematical symbols in carefully juxtaposed positions around the main stem of the construction. 64cm high x 18cm wide x 18cm deep.

PeterMPeter Moss Profile

INTRODUCTION : Celebrating Pete Moss at the National Centre for Craft & Design, by Melanie Kidd – Head of Exhibiitons

Pete Moss has a long and respected career as an artist, educator and arts activist. He has brought passion, intelligence and commitment to all facets of his practice. His ceramics are internationally acclaimed and widely collected, and he has spent thirty years living and working in our region.

Throughout his career Moss has maintained the philosophy that his work holds equal bearing as a pedagogue to his artistic output. It is therefore only appropriate that his retrospective not only illuminated the technical and aesthetic brilliance of his ceramics, but also celebrated Moss’s legacy as an educator. Five large-scale public art commissions created by young people and adults from various schools, colleges and community groups, sit alongside Moss’s personal collection in the show; reflecting the artist’s on-going desire to foster a sense of collective cohesion and egalitarianism amongst the citizens of the future.
A third strand to Moss’s practice, and perhaps most poignant to this gallery, is his ongoing support and promotion of the arts in Lincolnshire. Moss demonstrates this unrelenting commitment by generously giving his time to museums, galleries, societies and committees, with the sole goal of enriching our communities through arts and culture. The National Centre for Craft & Design became aware of this advocacy work ten years ago, three years prior to our opening, when Moss sat on our own advisory board and championed the development of a venue promoting craft and design practice of the highest artistic integrity.

Moss’s influence at this venue has since remained in both our exhibition and learning programmes, and we in turn have followed his career with interest — seeking the appropriate moment to revere such an influential and energetic practitioner that has sat at the heart of our community. At the time of Moss’s seventieth birthday, the National Centre for Craft & Design is pleased to stage his retrospective, celebrating the artist’s life and work – past, present and future.