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Raquel Aivars

AHand crafted, crank stoneware. Matt blue glaze impressed with Indian printing block. Hand crafted, red earthenware. – Black and bronze antique glaze. 27 x 25 cm. – Hand crafted, white stoneware. Smoked fired with copper carbonate. Balls: 13.5 cm Bases: 10 x 9 cm. – Hand crafted, Red earthenware. – Sigillata burnished, black slip incised and smoked with newspaper. 27 x 29 cm.

Raquel Aivars list of ceramics products are endless as is the techniques she uses, these amazing works of art range from £195 to £350 please advise the type of item you’re looking for.


Ref RA7 – Hand built, white stoneware unglazed decorative pieces. £45 each. 13cm diameter x 21cm high.

RaquelRaquel Aivars Profile

I don’t call myself a potter, I only play with clay!

I was born in a remote town on the east coast of Venezuela.  As a child, my passion was to play with clay. I would spend hours creating containers and dolls that I would then destroy to start all over the next day. Old broken terracotta pots were found around the nearby coast. I discovered later that these were ancient vessels created by the Arawak tribe, more than a thousand years ago.

Only after my children were older and had left home did I start to  rediscover and develop my art.
I experimented with glass casting and slumping.
I studied in Caracas, Barcelona and London. In 1995, I was awarded the General Motors First Prize at the Valencia (Venezuela) Biennal Exhibition.

I started with ceramics in 2000 at the Wetminster Adult Education Services (WAES) in London and discovered once more that my feelings and emotions were best expressed through clay.

I have experiment with many techniques inspired by world ceramics including raku, heavily textured volcanic and crackled glazes. I use terracotta to create smoke fired pieces as a homage to the native inhabitants of my country.