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RJT Haynes

RJ3 RJT1 – “The Artist’s Lane, Winter II ” – Oil on linen 12″ x 16″. £1000 framed.

RJ2 RJT2 – “The Strawberry Tractor” – Oil on canvas 12″ x 16″. £1000 framed.

RJ1RJT3 – “Sheepscape” – Oil on canvas panel 16″ x 20″. £1400 framed.

RJTRJT Haynes Profile

Born – Essex, England. Educated – University of Oxford
Resides in Cornwall, UK and East Hampton, NY, USA

“My father was a signwriter, and I grew up surrounded by the smell of paint and turpentine; I have early memories of climbing ladders and scaffolding to help him work on rooftop signs or the panelled sides of heavy goods vehicles.  Health & Safety would have been horrified!  Although I went on to read German & Philosophy at Oxford, it was probably inevitable that I would end up as a painter.  My work is uncompromisingly figurative, but varied in stylistic treatment, content and medium.  No picture ever turns out exactly as originally conceived: I am not in control of the process, nor would I want to be.  It’s the journey that’s interesting.  I will change my technique or the colours on my palette if it starts to feel too familiar and comfortable.  The materials and subject have a say in what becomes of them, and painting is always a form of negotiation or collaboration between us.  I’m not so much interested in fleeting impressions as in what’s underneath them: everything we see is full of cultural and personal references, just as words are to a poet; and I want to tap into that — a ‘simple’ lamb or apple is abuzz with symbolism.  But images must also ultimately have a life of their own, and make their own connection with the viewer without exegesis, independently of the artist.”