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Robert Silverman

RS1Ref RS1 – “Gone Fishin” by Robert Silverman – Oil on linen 12″ x 17″. £1950 framed.
Gone Fishin’ is an oil painting on stretched linen of several artifacts associated with fly fishing composed in a chiaroscuro atmosphere. I have tried, as I do in all of my work, to involve the artifacts with a life essence. Even though these are inanimate objects, they can be infused with the spirit of their purpose and the feelings of the people involved with them as they are transmuted to the canvas.

Ref RS2 – “Shoes Tell The Tale” – Oil on linen 11″ x 12″. £1300 framed.
Is painted on stretched linen. It speaks of a tale, a story, an event and at the same time evokes a sense of nostalgia touching on ones past. It speaks of the compromises one has made and the small personal loses one has taken to perhaps foster a relationship or achieve ones goal in the former stages of their life.


Ref RS3 – “Decoy” – Oil on linen 13″ x 15″. £1700 framed.
Painting on stretched linen employing artifacts which many can relate to in their life as they remember and contemplate their past. The duck hunting decoy, the smoking pipes, and the indexed reference book. all bring a spirit to bear of a person reflecting on their past.

Ref RS4 – “Orange and Lemon” – Oil on linen 8″ x 10″. £1300 framed.
Oil painting on linen mounted to panel. The objects themselves are quite ordinary, together they speak of all of the sensitivity involved in all of our relationships. Together they are far more than an orange and lemon.

RobertRobert Silverman Profile

Bob was born, raised, and educated in New York City, N.Y. He graduated from the High School of Music and Art where he majored in architecture. He next attended and graduated from NYU and then from The Cooper Union for the Sciences and Art. Having majored in graphic design, he began a career in this field working for several prestigious design offices and garnering many awards, including “Greatest Packaging of the Decade”.

He worked as an Art Director at large and began his own studio. After 20 years he decided to put this phase of his career behind him and began studying at the Art Students League of New York, working with Frank Porcu, Harvey Dinnerstein, Burton Silverman, Dan Greene and Leonid Lerman. Also at this time he attended evening classes at the New York Academy of Figurative Art with Dan Thompson, Jon DeMartin, and John Wellington before attending and graduating the two-year MFA program in 2006. During the summer periods and off times, Bob studied with Michael Grimaldi and Brandon Soloff at Studio 126 and with Steven Assael in his studio.

Upon graduating from the NY Academy, Bob was accepted into the Grand Central Academy of Art which has combined with The Water Street Atelier under Jacob Collins.  After the normal four years of study, Bob has been painting independently in his studio amassing a collected body of work and is now moving forward into a career as a fine artist.